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Foxing electric furnace Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of heat treatment installation with combination of designing and manufacturing. Founded in 1992, our company is located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China, where the geographical position is superior, and the transportation is convenient. Covering more than 4000 square feet, we have more than 60 employees, 5 engineers and technicians, over 300 sets heating equipment for an annual output , so that become the main equipment supplier of a number of large-scale heat treatment factory, also be praised by them, and become the supervisor of Guangdong heat treatment association in December 2012.

In the past ten years of design and manufacturing process, we learned the valuable experience from others and made innovations through trial and error, thus to accumulate rich experience of exploiting, designing and manufacturing industrial furnace. Foxing boasts abundant technical forces, complete processing equipment and scientific testing means. The products which have been developed are characterized by new pattern, energy-efficient and high quantity & reasonable price. It is specializing in less (no) oxidation protective atmosphere heat treatment equipments, which are up to more than thirty kinds of series and three hundred kinds of specifications. Our equipment specifications and spare parts are complete, and widely used in metal and machinery parts melting, casting, pressing, sintering and quenching, tempering, carburizing heat treatment and other fields heat treatment, suitable for the standard parts industry, hardware industry, textile machinery industry, automobile, motorcycle and bicycle industry, petroleum and chemical industry, health care industry, and laboratory application. Our products have such advantages as fast melting, efficient energy saving, easy temperature control, little pollution and meeting the requirements of environmental protection.

Based on the purpose of quality first, service first-class, customer first and integrity first, we are willing to provide all customers with the most optimized design, the perfect products and the most satisfactory services. Perfect pre-sale, after-sale and satisfactory craft service are available to all customers. With scientific and reasonable designs ,stable performance, simple operations and excellent cost performances, our products have been enjoying great reputation and great market value. We also try to export our products to all around the world, such as Middle East, Indonesia, India, Europe, South Korea and many other famous countries. We are trying to promote our reputation, quality products and good service. We look forward to working with you to enjoy the mutual benefit and bright future. With great sincerity and enthusiasm, we welcome you to visit our factory and negotiate with us, we will try our best to meet your requirements! Select Foxing, to join hands in creating wealth.

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